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Executive Wellness Coaching and Strategy for the Modern Female Leader

Providing female CEO's, executives & business owners with the mindset, strategy, and tools to balance their career with personal health and wellbeing while unlocking their highest potential professionally & personally.
This is the revolutionary way for women to lead.


The truth is, women were never meant to lead & succeed in the same way as men but we also haven't been taught how to do it differently. We continue to operate in the overly masculine paradigm of hustle causing us to become physically, mentally & emotionally imbalanced. leading in this way we sacrifice our authenticity, relationships & health just to continue to be in arms reach of where we truly desire to be.

Women start this journey of leadership desiring to create an impact that creates positive change in world  while feeling a sense of fulfillment. However, leading in the way it has previously been done has left us exhausted, overwhelmed & in doubt of our vision.

My mission is to provide female CEO's, executives & business owners with the tools & strategy needed to balance their career with personal health and wellbeing so they can rise to their next level professionally and personally.

If you're tired of success costing you your wellbeing, you're in the right

sustainable success & impact isn't created by what you do. It's created by who you are when you do it. The future is feminine & this is the start of a new paradigm.

WhatI do...

I'm here  empower female leaders to step into their  highest business, personal, and social potential through mindset, feminine leadership and behavior change. I've worked with female entrepreneurs, female executives + women wanting to transition into a more aligned career.  I practice a holistic approach to wellbeing for sustainable change that is rooted in mindfulness, positive psychology, emotional intelligence,  energetics and neuroscience.  I take a look at all areas of your life as everything is connected. This journey is a complete transformation professionally & personally.

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Growing up I knew exactly what I didn't want...
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My coaching is designed to transform the way you lead professionally & personally. I help you get clear on where you want to go & unblock the limitations that's holding you back. I teach you how to lead from your authentic feminine power allowing you to be in alignment with your flow, magnetism & abundance. It's time to stop settling & start receiving.

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- Brandy, Past client

"The tools and support Abby offered has completely changed the way I relate to myself, my work & my purpose"

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