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reading is very different for each person as we all have such unique journeys. This reading can be applied to any area of your life. Abby will teach, coach and use her psychic abilities to help you shift, transform and heal.

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This is a life changing experience that allows you to work deeply with Abby weekly. To hold you accountable and support you as you clear away anything that has been holding you back from reaching everything you desire. Abby will teach, mentor and use her psychic abilities to help you shift, transform and heal.

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 body and soul, the real magic! We've turned to overly structured days, strict routines, strict diets.. and the list goes on. We've become so accustomed to living from our mind and stopped living in our body and soul.  You see, each one of us have a special design within us that we can work with that allows us to reach our success and desires with so much more joy and ease! I'm here to guide you back to that part of you. To help you trust your own magic, let go of control & perfectionism, and take you to a whole other level of freedom and success.

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I get it, you know you're here to experience life a little differently than how you're currently experiencing it. Maybe it's a feeling that you're here to do something magical but can't put your finger on exactly what that is? Maybe You just feel like something is "off"? I totally hear you. It can be so exhausting trying to figure everything out or feeling like you just don't know when you'll "get there". The thing is, we've turned to habits that don't align with us in hopes it will bring us to what we desire. Instead it's disconnecting us from our

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Greys Anatomy

Modern Family

what's your favorite tv show?

Okay that was a hard one, but friends will never get old!


My favorite tv show is...




what's your drink of choice?

I love a good oaky red that's more on the dry side!

wine (Red wine to be exact)

My drink of choice is...


Costa rica


where would you like to vacay to?

Okay, all of them but the witchy roots of scotland are calling my name. 


On the top of my vacay List is...

— Corrine.C

"Abby brought magic back into my life. The only thing I wish for was more time with her."