i'm here to help you quit living from your mind and start living From souls blueprint.

I'm Abbigail Jackson .

hey babe!

then unemployed, even more burned out & desperate. But, the story doesn't end there.

i went from Depressed & Disconnected to...Burn out.

Step into your body and soul, trust and let yourself be surprised at what happens.

My body and soul finally told me they couldn't do it anymore. At first I was angry. I didn't want to stop. I didn't want to slow down and listen but I was forced to go inward. I was forced to start listening to what my body and soul were telling me little by little. Slowly my energy came back, I looked healthier, I actually felt fulfilled and confident. During this process I started to connect with my own internal blueprint and realized every single one of us magical creatures have one too. Yours will be different from mine and anyone else's. This little blueprint is known as our intuition. I was always so focused on looking for the answers outside of myself when the magic has always been within me. I just couldn't hear it over my mind chatter.  It continued to show me and I continued to trust. Eventually  my entire life changed. The cycles stopped and everyday I felt love, joy, freedom and trust.
Now, I get to guide people all over the world on this magical sacred journey too.

Since I was little I was always striving for approval by others. I was always looking to live the "right" way and do the "right" thing. I needed to be enough for others. I needed to be praised for how much I accomplished or how well I did something. I was constantly living by how others were living or how I was told to live. This was a common theme in many areas of my life. I ate to look a certain way or ate the way someone I looked up to ate. I exercised to look a certain way or how my friend with a six pack exercised.. you're starting to see the pattern. I did this with mostly every area of my life. I turned to control and perfectionism and became so disconnected with my body and soul. This  disconnection catalyst into depression, co-dependency, eating disorders and eventually burn out. I lost all trust with my body and soul and was completely operating from my mind or from autopilot. I was constantly living in the same cycles of exhaustion. Then, I hit burn out. I was forced to stop living how I was living. 

Helping people SEE into their own souls where often their mind is blocking them

Teaching you how to AMPLIFY your inner voice that always knows exactly what to do.

The MANY career paths I experimented before this one. Can you say - Fashion Merchandizer/Holistic Nutritionist /Naturopathic Medicine?

Teaching women how to CELEBRATE their magic in non-traditional ways. 

What I’m known for:


"At any moment I have the power to choose differently."

words i live by


I get to have a full time spiritual biz mentoring women all over the world how to step into THEIR CALLING & MAGIC. 


Studied and trained as an intuitive coach.I found my calling and passion! I was fully living for ME.


I had my first intuitive mentoring session and everything clicked. I began to develop my psychic abilities.


I looked happy on the outside, but on the inside I was burned out and living for others.


Started studying holistic nutrition which was a huge turning point in my life!


I was struggling with self-love. This developed into an eating disorder.


I had my first sight encounter with spirit! It was in an old house we just moved into in Nova Scotia.


I was diagnosed with ALL Leukaemia. I realized I was here to help others.

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favourite  Crystal

Rose Quartz


have the cutest little bunny, Thumper


red wine



Chocolate Mousse!


I'm a little crazy about...

I absolutely love little fluffy animals. I had this little guy for over 4 years now. He acts like a cat and I couldn't be happier. Next is a little Pomeranian.


One of my favourite things are nice coffee mugs. I love checking out little pottery shops! There's something about waking up and grabbing your favourite mug to start the day.


I have a huge desire to start making my own candles! I just love how candles change up the feel of the room.


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