It's time to unlock your internal blueprint and  fall back in love with yourself & life

for magical mystic babes.

The Magical Mystic Life Course

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Every single one of us is designed to live a life that is so remarkably incredible. We are all designed to live and create that life with so much passion, abundance, confidence & ease. We have these incredible desires because we are capable and worthy of them.
However, we've lost the trust and worthiness within ourselves to receive them. Luckily, we are never too far from what we desire. We all have a very unique and individualized internal blueprint that shows us exactly who we are, how are suppose to live and what we came here to do. This is an experience that allows you to fall back in love with yourself and with life. 

Your time is now.

Are you looking for a transformational experience designed uniquely to you?

You have a LIFETIME supportive magical community with continuous support so you always have something to fall back on.

You're able to fully TRUST yourself because you know how WORTHY you are. You are so confident with who you are.

Creating more abundance by knowing how YOU manifest and being so aligned with your souls PURPOSE. 

Understanding exactly how you were DESIGNED to live so you can fall back in LOVE with your life. A life of passion, acceptance & freedom

Just imagine...

Part 3

 You are going to dive deep into your money and self worth subconscious because that energy is the root to everything you do and create in life. You are going to transform your relationship with money and self worth. You will learn my magical techniques to help you along the way.

Tapping into abundance and self-worth

Part 2

Your energy body is so important. It's what allows all of your desires to come into your life. You are going to learn  how balance & enhance your energy body specifically. You are also going to have a deeper understanding of how you manifest so you can become more aware of how you attract your desires.

Attracting what you desire

Part 1

Right from the start you are going to start to fall back in love with you. We are going to analyze your astrology birth chart  so you can learn how your mind works, your life purpose, rebalancing your energy and so so much more. You will have so much compassion and love for who you are.

You are so intuitive. You are going to transform your relationship with your intuition and body. You will learn how to trust and rely on your body to guide you in life. You will have a deep appreciation and understanding of how your body communicates and receives information. You will deeply trust yourself to make decisions.

Discovering Your own blueprint

Embodying intuitioN, trust & Love

Part 4

Your Journey...

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— Ivana T.

"Abby's wisdom completely transformed my life. She is a JOY to learn from and has so much wisdom to offer.Take this as your sign"

— Lindsey M.

" After working with Abby my life completely changed. I feel so much more at peace in life. I am forever grateful"

—  Makayla K.

"After working with Abby I feel so deeply connected to to myself and life. Can't recommend her enough."


5 stars all around

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You want to feel more secure around money, organization, life and you want to worry less

You want to feel more connected with yourself and to something greater instead of feeling separate 

You want regulate and understand your emotions better so you feel lighter and have more energy

You want to feel less burned out or exhausted and you want to get your spark back

You're looking to bring more magic, passion and joy into your life

You're ready to feel so deeply worthy of your greatest desires

This course is for you if you resonate with any of the following


You will fall back in love with yourself and with life. You will feel so understood and you'll have so much compassion and love for who you magically are

you will:

Weekly 90min live teaching sessions with Abby

One private 1:1 session with Abby

Private Facebook group with lifetime support moving forward

Rituals and resources specifically designed for you & what you need

The confidence to truly live how you were designed to live.

you'll leave with:

what you'll get:

4 monthly payments

One time payment 

$333 cAD

$1,200 cAD

Join us in the magic

Save & Pay in full

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