It's time to  stop living the same cycles and step into your most magical life ever. You can relax... I've got a plan to show you how. 

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Think about celebrating ALL your successes with champagne toasts, action steps, support and sisters for life. It's time to uncover the magic and blueprint that has always been inside of you! It's time to let go of living how you think you should be living and start living how you FEEL like living. Now is the time to start showing up on your own terms. It's time to really live and create something you haven't before. To fully build a relationship with yourself that allows you to reach your desires with ease and joy instead of the exhaustion and confusion. It's time to welcome the most magical version of yourself that has more freedom to do the things that you actually WANT to do. A version of you that is just waiting to be released to the world.

Your time is now.

Are you aching for a breakthrough, a change to your everyday life?

to finally let go of how you "should" be living and start trusting yourself so you can enjoy how you live!

do you want...

constantly living in your head and repeating the same cycles over and over again only to end up feeling the same way?

are you...

that you're constantly exhausted, confused or unsatisfied with how you've been living ?

do you find...

who is this for?

— Lauren.E.

"from business to personal challenges, Abby has helped me have clarity on it all."

step three

Of course this is one of the most exciting parts! This is when we start to work together and you step into a whole new chapter of your life! It's exciting and can feel a little scary but the magic always starts as soon as we say 'yes' and take the leap into the beginning.

The magic Begins

step two

Ready to actually come up with a plan? Yes, this is a thing and it WORKS! Based on everything we go over in the initial call, we decide what the best plan is based on your needs.

The perfect

step one

Our first call will be the start to creating magic! We dive deep into where you are now and where you want to be! We get to talk about all your dreams and desires. I get to learn all about you, which is one of my favourite parts! This call also allows us to make sure we are a good fit for each other.

intial call

How my program works:

Number of hot drinks per day


number of mentoring sessions I've invested in for myslef


advanced  cerTIfications &Programs


number of happy clients


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To connect you to spirit & your own intuition so you can have clarity, feel connected and be supported.

My inteNtion:

This is the monthly investment, and most clients do 6-12 months. 4 months minimum. 

$555 cAD

Weekly 60min coaching calls 

24/7 access to Abby and her personal number

Weekly tarot reading


1:1 Intuitive Mentoring

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Connecting you with spirit and your intuition so you can leave feeling lighter and with clarity.

My intention:

One time payment. You will be asked to pay once you book the session.

$160 CAD

60 min Reading

Tarot card pull 

Connection and guidance from spirit


Intuitive Reading

— Ivana.T

"Abby's philosophy completely changed by life. She is JOY to learn from and has so much wisdom to offer.Take this as your sign"

— Jordan R.

"After working with Abby, my business and life feels so much more aligned and easy! I went from confused and stressed to clarity and excitment.

— Taylor.L

"Abby's coaching program and guidance transformed the way I viewed my self-worth and confidence. It changed my entire life."


5 stars all around

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You can contact me here to ask any questions and get more info, or sign up below for a complimentary discovery call!  No strings attached.

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